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Anticonférence en ligne AScUS : "Actionnable Science for Urban Systems"

Du 1 au 4 juin 2021

2nd Actionable Science for Urban Sustainability (AScUS 2021)

2ndActionable Science for Urban Sustainability (AScUS 2021) An Unconference on Urban Sustainability to Generate Actionable Solutions
June 1-4, online



The 2nd Actionable Science for Urban Sustainability (AScUS)unconference continues the success of the previous editionin producing actionable and multidisciplinary knowledge to tackle urban sustainability challenges across the globe. It is conceived as a convergence platform for researchers and practitioners of all backgrounds, from political science and psychology to architecture and engineering, from basic research to policymakers, NGOs and entrepreneurs, focused on the development of actionable and scalable solutions and their transfer into action.

Unlike conventional conferences, AScUS 2021 is a participants-driven unconferencewith the mission to engage attendees with stimulating in-depth discussions and participatory sessions. The unconference is organized around a diverse selection of interdisciplinary discussion topics submitted by the participants, more similar to a workshop in format.

The unconference will spread over several weeks and culminate in a virtual event on June 1-4. Every registered participant is allowed to submit one contribution (e.g., recorded presentation) before the unconference (abstracts are optional but encouraged). All contributions will be uploaded by individual participants before the unconference and serve as a basis for discussion and knowledge exchange during the pre-unconference activities. The unconference will then culminate in a virtual event with interactive discussions oriented towards generating tangible outcomes in the form of a path-to-action contribution.

General Unconference Topics

  • ●  Policy and Governance towards Urban Sustainability

  • ●  Human Behavior and Psychology related to Urban Sustainability

  • ●  Circular Economy at the Urban Scale

  • ●  Sustainability and Resilience Metrics

  • ●  United Nations Sustainable Development


  • ●  Infrastructure Modeling and Design

  • ●  Urban Ecology

  • ●  Social and Environmental Justice

  • ●  Rebound Effects

  • ●  Life Cycle Design in the Built Environment

  • ●  Sustainable Cities: Open Source Data,

    Big Data, and Data Mining

  • ●  Data-Driven Urban Design

  • ●  Urban and Hinterland Relationships

  • ●  Education and Outreach in Urban

    Sustainability Science

  • ●  Interdisciplinary Partnerships towards

    Urban Sustainability