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Urban Jubilations. Scientific and literary evening of Labex Urban Futures at ENSAPB 15 June 2021 7pm

As part of its ten-year celebrations, Labex Urban Futures is organising a scientific and literary evening entitled Urban Jubilations on Tuesday 15 June at 7pm. Rethinking the future of the city, between foresight and climate fictions.

This evening proposes a hybrid meeting combining scientific knowledge and artistic sensibilities to reflect on the future of the city.
Beyond scientific projections, what can the impacts of environmental disruption on our daily lives mean in concrete terms? Infrastructures, social links
Infrastructure, social links, ecological and economic transitions, migration policy are all major dimensions of the answers to this question.
How can we imagine urban futures? To help answer this question, the evening will be divided into two parts:
. the first will take the form of a meeting and a dialogue with two scientists, Fanny Lopez and Vincent Viguié, to discuss ways of rethinking the future of the city.
the future of the city.
. the second will take the form of a participatory writing workshop, to construct a collective narrative through the prism of climate fictions

This evening, imagined, produced and led by Adèle Gascuel, with the participation of Fanny Lopez and Vincent Viguié, and based on an idea by Irène Langlet, is free of charge upon registration

The number of places is limited, so don't delay in registering