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Seminar "The City in Transformation - Multidisciplinary Approaches and New Challenges

The city in transformation. Multidisciplinary approaches to address new challenges: climate change, new technologies, new mobility

This seminar took place on 29/01/2020, at the Gustave Eiffel University - Bienvenüe building.

    The detailed report is available ICI

  • Introduction and Session 1: Urban planning documents and climate, environmental and other impacts:  Intro & Session1
    • Session 2
      • 2a: Artificialization issues - feedback on the ESCo INRA-IFSTTAR expertise
      • 2b: Urbanisation and ecological compensation mechanisms
      Sessions 2a and 2b
    • Session 3: New technologies for mobility. A prospective approach for an ethical and socially responsible development : Session 3