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Seminar for the construction of the CITY 2050 project - July 2017

The seminar was structured around four thematic debates:   

  • Social city /Mobility for all => City for all?   
  • Resource and energy efficient city   
  • Clean and healthy city (environmental impacts) => Healthy city / Environment and urban health ?   
  • Adaptable and resilient city (to risks and transitions)and an interministerial debate on multidisciplinarity.

This seminar provided an opportunity to learn about the great plurality and potential complementarities of the research work carried out on or in connection with the city in IFSTTAR's laboratories, and to anticipate cross-disciplinary research orientations. A "position paper - collective reflection" approach around emerging research topics is proposed.

Downloadable documents :

- The minutes of the seminar : Minutes

- Annex to the minutes - The presentations in 3 slides per page :  Annex

- The presentations (A4) : Slides