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Workshop "Vehicle Fleet and mobility prospective" - 22 June 2021

This seminar, organised by the GT-PARCS, brought together 70 participants around :

- the prospective work on carbon neutrality in 2050 by ADEME and CGEDD,

- insights into the future of freight transport and vehicle fleets,

- the LCA of energy sectors, particularly hydrogen.

This prospective work was compared in fine with recent changes in mobility and location behaviour.

This seminar is a continuation of the workshops proposed by the GT-PARCS (working group on car fleets and mobility in France). It is focused on the prospective of mobilities and car fleets, in connection with recent or ongoing prospective works (ADEME, CGEDD, IFPEN, IDDRI) and the observation of mobilities evolutions.

This seminar was divided into two sessions: the first session focused mainly on the technical aspects (energy, motorisation, fleets, etc.), while the second session dealt more broadly with the issues of mobility, its organisation and behaviour.

The minutes of the seminar provide a summary of the presentations of the work (including the clarifications made during the discussions) followed by a discussion summarising only the possible points of debate.
The presentation materials are reproduced in full with these proceedings, in editable form (2 slides per page): Proceedings + presentations, numbered according to the sessions and interventions.

The prospective analysis considers different trajectories of carbon neutrality of mobility, the transparency of which should inform public policies. The sustainability of the evolutions, the social conditions and acceptability of the trajectories, the territorial interactions and between sectors are to be considered as well as the uncertainties linked to the advent of new technologies (autonomous vehicle, etc.). Presentations and debates have thus contributed to shed light on climate and environmental issues and on prospective transport scenarios.

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